Did Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Johnson Become an Internet Meme?

Sunday June 20, 2021
Originally published on June 15, 2021

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson  (Source:Associated Press)

Many of us have been Aaron Taylor-Johnson fans from since he was billed as Aaron Johnson and starred in "Nowhere Boy," where the 18-year-old played a brooding John Lennon. It was while making that film he met Sam Taylor-Wood, the film's director, who was 25 years his senior. The age difference proved no big difference; the couple married in 2012 and have been together since, and have four children — two daughters of their own, and two from Taylor-Wood's previous marriage.

Since then, Taylor-Johnson has played a pulp hero ("Kick-Ass"), Russian nobleman ("Anna Karenina"), and a sadistic gang leader ("Nocturnal Animals"); and when the Twitter account PopCrave asked followers to list their favorite A-J performances, many took him seriously. And chose them. But, as Cameron Greer at The Sword points out, "others decided to get pervy and only talk about the man's nude role in the 2018 drama 'A Million Little Pieces.' " Based on James Frey's best-seller, the film was directed by his wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson.

The occasion for the Twitter question was A-J's 31st birthday on Sunday, "and the internet decided to help him celebrate by constantly talking about his big ol' wiener for 24 hours straight," writes The Sword.

For Greer, the posts about A-J's penis almost overwhelmed him. "So many people were tweeting their own versions of the above tweet that my timeline was stuffed full of Aaron's dick for the entirety of yesterday. Not that I'm complaining though! That man has a nice piece of meat between his legs and if anything, it's just making me more excited to see what my timeline will look like on his birthday next year."

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