4 Cocktails to Celebrate National Vodka Day

Tuesday October 1, 2019

Prince Lewis Pumpkin Cream
Prince Lewis Pumpkin Cream  (Source:Prince Lewis Vodka)

October 4 is National Vodka Day. (Yes, it's a thing, along with National Taco Day — where is the poor margarita, though?) To help celebrate, Prince Lewis Vodka mixologist Nathaniel Lewis offers four libations to shake up your revelry.

Lemon Ginger Vodka Infusion

1 knob of ginger - peeled and chopped into chunks

4 lemons chopped into quarters

1 750ml bottle of vodka (80-90 proof for best results)

Combine in a wide mouth bottle with a lid. Let sit for 8 days. To serve strain liquid and remove solids. Perfect served over ice.

Prince Lewis Autumn Spice

2 shots of Vodka

2 shots of Apple Cider

Cinnamon Sticks

Whipped Cream

Combine apple cider, vodka, and cinnamon sticks in a small pot, warm on the stove top. Strain to Remove cinnamon stick and pour in heat-proof glasses. Top with whipped cream.

Prince Lewis Pumpkin Cream

1 shot Vodka

1 shot Irish Cream liqueur

1 shot Pumpkin Flavored Creamer

1 pinch Ground Nutmeg

Combine Vodka, Irish Cream and Creamer and pour over a cup of ice. Top with a pinch of ground nutmeg

The Makeout

1 shot Vodka

2 shot Sugar Free Tonic Water

1 shot Lime Juice

Fresh Mint Leaves

Combine and serve over ice