SKYY Vodka: 'Proudly American' with Gus Kentworthy & More

Monday June 18, 2018

SKYY Vodka has launched "Proudly American," a new integrated marketing campaign that "celebrates the spirit of today's bold, optimistic Americans." The brand's latest endeavor recognizes the evolution of American values and champions a generation whose voice has helped reshape our country today. The campaign captures SKYY's progressive and innovative origins and will debut in a series of phased programs featuring influencers from all walks of life, kicking off with out-and-proud Olympian Gus Kenworthy and "RuPaul's Drag Race" favorites Trixie Mattel and Dusty Ray Bottoms.

Proudly American, developed by creative agency partners We Are Swell and VML and influencer partner Paper Entertainment, explores the values -- and expressions of those values -- on which America was founded, and what those mean to today's optimistic citizens. The campaign juxtaposes famous phrases from American history, such as "Home of the Brave," with powerful, vivid imagery featuring people who shine brightly in the face of adversity, celebrate diversity, and are proud to inspire today's articulation of being American.

"The Proudly American campaign is about openness and inclusiveness with the belief that diversity drives progress," said Melanie Batchelor, Vice President of Marketing, Campari America. "'SKYY has always been progressive and fearless with its marketing campaigns, creating firsts within the spirits industry such as the first ad to feature a same-sex female couple, supporting marriage equality back in 2001. Inspiring our fans to build and expect a better world is at the core of who we are."

The campaign will feature singer-songwriters and celebrity drag personalities Trixie Mattel and Dusty Ray Bottoms; U.S. freeskier and silver medal Olympian Gus Kenworthy; activist Mark Bustos; and others to be announced. Each person featured has their own unique story of their diverse America and how being brave enough to have their voice heard resulted in making a difference.

The first, powerful outdoor ad campaign will feature a close up of Dusty Ray Bottoms' face with the words "Home of the Brave" boldly printed in front of it, clearly demonstrating that today's bravery may look different than that of our forefathers, but it is still bravery nonetheless. The first digital advertising will feature Gus Kenworthy recounting the first gay kiss globally televised during the winter games, and Trixie Mattel boldly going on stage to perform as a country singer -- a feat virtually unheard of for a drag performer.

"Not many people understand what goes through your mind when you are stepping on a stage fully expecting to be judged and discounted just because of your appearance and not by your talent," said Trixie Mattel. "To be able to tell my story and with that inspire others or educate others is an opportunity I could have never imagined. I am proud to be American and honored to be a part of SKYY's expression of what that means."