Toast to Pride: 'Love in a Mist' with NOLET'S Gin

Saturday June 24, 2017

Toast to Pride: 'Love in a Mist' with NOLET'S Gin
  (Source:NOLET'S Gin)

Forget the beer and JELL-O shots, celebrate Pride with a classy craft cocktail, instead. NOLET'S gin is a fruit-forward, premium gin characterized by its rose, raspberry and peach botanicals.

The brand has sponsored a number of LGBT events, including the following:

White Party in Palm Springs

Red Dress Party - Desert AIDS Project March 2017

Lamda Legal

AIDS Project Los Angeles

Los Angeles Women's Network (LAWN) Events

OUT Fashion Vanguard Event, Los Angeles

Additionally, Ketel One Vodka, owned by NOLET Sprits, is a national sponsor of both GLADD and The Human Rights Campaign.

Love in a Mist

Created by Veronica Correa of FIFTY

1.5 oz NOLET'S Silver Gin

0.5 oz Lemon Juice

0.5 oz Pineapple Juice

0.5 oz Blanc Vermouth

0.25 oz Hibiscus Syrup*

Shake all ingredients together with ice and strain into a tulip glass.

Garnish: a light grating of black peppercorn on top, or a sprinkling of gold sugar on the side of the glass

*Method: Steep hibiscus in water, and add twice the amount of sugar as water, dissolve.