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Ricky Martin has This to Say to His Anti-Gay Critics

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 29, 2021

Ricky Martin is taking a stand and speaking out against homophobic comments.

The Latino pop star recently received backlash after gracing the cover of Cap 74024 with his husband Jwan Ysof in a shirtless tender embrace and posting the photo on Instagram. As reported by Yahoo, Martin followed up the post with another message in Spanish clarifying what he wants to say to those posting anti-gay messages about his photos.

"What I didn't expect, especially after all the work that has been done for so many years, is that a large number of people decided to stop following us or comment in a derogatory way," said Martin in Spanish, Yahoo reports. "Of course, it is not the number of followers that worries me, it is the message behind [their] decision that has caused me the same feeling I had years ago before sharing publicly about my sexual orientation. That same fear that paralyzed me, tormented me and would not let me be."

Martin came out to great fanfare in 2010 after years of speculation about his sexuality that was infamously spotlighted in an interview with journalist Barbara Walters.

However, since coming out, he has gone on to build a beautiful life with his husband Ysof and their children — twins Matteo and Valentino, 12,; daughter Lucía, 2; and son Renn, 1.

The singer has also become a staunch advocate for public figure for LGBTQ rights and has been unafraid to call out anti-LGBTQ culture during interviews and online.

As far as LGBTQ acceptance has come, Martin recently said he still worries that being gay is impacting his career— specifically his acting career, after starring role in Ryan Murphy's "American Crime Story."

"Today I see the photos and what I feel is a full peace of being able to celebrate my family as they deserve, in style," Martin said under his Insta post, Yahoo reports. he continued in the Instagram post. "That fear that I just talked about no longer paralyzes me. On the contrary, it gives me much more strength and pushes me to continue working for the well-being of millions of people who suffer every day due to lack of acceptance."

To critics, Martin said "the most I wish in this life is that we can all feel free, proud of ourselves, happy, loved, respected and accepted. That we can express ourselves how we are born without retaliation or being punished."

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