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87-Year-Old Duke Joins Late in Life Come-Outers

Wednesday June 23, 2021

Duke François of Bavaria has joined the ranks of late-in-life come-outers when he posted a photo of himself and his companion, Thomas Greinwald, reports TÊTU.

The French website calls it "the very first coming out of European royalty."

"This very first official snapshot of the couple, taken in their home at Nymphenburg Palace in Munich (eastern Germany), shows the Duke seated on an armchair with rustic motifs, surrounded by drapes. Standing at his side, Thomas Greinwald, his longtime companion, poses, leaning on his back. Even their outfits are coordinated, in green and brown hunting tones."

The photo is the work of famed photographer Erwin Olaf and is part of a larger project he calls "Blue Bloods." An exhibit of his photography is currently on view in Munich until September 26, 2021.

The Duke, who never hid his relationship with Greinwald, turns 88 next month. The photo was timed to be released during Pride.