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Don't Expect Newt Gingrich to Wave a Pride Flag. Nor, He Says, Should the U.S. Government

Monday April 26, 2021
Originally published on April 25, 2021

Don't expect Newt Gingrich to be waving a Pride flag any time soon, nor does he want the U.S. government to do so either. In an appearance on Fox News with Jeanine Pirro on her Saturday night show, Media Matters reports the GOP pol expressed offense by the news that the Biden administration has authorized it to be flown at U.S. embassies throughout the world. In his screed, he claims to speak for "people with traditional values" and attacked what he calls Biden's radical agenda.

"Look, I think that the left has decided they're going to try to push all the regular Americans into a corner where they either have to fight, in which case they'll be attacked by the news media, or they have to just cave and hide," said Gingrich. "You listed every idiotic thing that the Biden administration has done in the first 100 days, you'd begin to realize whether it's threatening everybody who believes in the Second Amendment, or it's attacking everybody who believes in right to life, or it is attacking people of traditional values who are appalled that this administration would fly the gay flag at American embassies all over the world.

"You just go down item by item and it's almost like they have a checklist of what can we do that will really truly infuriate traditional Americans. I have never seen anything like it and somebody asked me this afternoon, I told them I couldn't imagine any administration which has been this deliberately anti-American and this deliberately committed to infuriating the majority of American people. Literally, in over 200 years of history I can't think of a single administration that has been this radical and this hostile."

Last week Foreign Policy reported, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken has moved to allow U.S. diplomatic missions around the world to fly the Pride flag on the same pole as the American flag. The action reverses a Trump-era policy that rejected all requests to do so.

In response to his appearance, the website Wonkette asked: "Just who are these 'regular Americans,' exactly? According to Gingrich, they seem to be people who don't want gun control, people who think abortion should be illegal and people who are worked up about 'the gay flag' flying at American embassies. Except the thing is, all of those people are actually in the minority, numbers-wise. About 60 percent of Americans support both gun control and abortion being legal, and 76 percent support LGBTQ rights. So that would make these people irregular Americans. Technically."

Gingrich has a long history of anti-LGBTQ positions, most recently as last month when he appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" where he attacked Biden on his policies regarding transgender issues. After Carlson accused the Biden administration of "deeply divisive" policies on LGBTQ equality and immigrant rights, Gingrich weighed in, describing the country under Biden this way: "It's an America in which transgender dominates Christianity and Judaism."

And despite having a gay half-sister (Candace Gingrich) and being married three times himself, Newt has long opposed same-sex marriage.

The Twittersphere responded to his latest appearance: