Dad Sends Daughter His Oral Same Sex Video By Mistake

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday February 5, 2022
Originally published on February 4, 2022

In what appears to reflect one of those awkward moments on "Euphoria," a woman is asking for help via Reddit after her father sent her a video of him being serviced by a younger man, reported The Daily Star.

Now she is worried that this will change her relationship with her father forever.

"Quick backstory- my dad (59M) and my mum (59F) were married for 27 years and abruptly divorced 4 years ago," she shared on the site. "He moved to a different city about 30 minutes away. He has had 2 roommates who are younger men.

"About 3 months ago I (27f) made the discovery that my dad was gay with one of his (22M) younger tenants I made this discovery on accident and I didn't mention it to my dad, I am pretty sure he knows I know, though," she said. "At first, I was extremely shocked, but as long as my dad was happy I love and accept him and whoever he chooses to love."

Then she received a text that changed everything. "Yesterday I received a video text from my dad. I am on vacation visiting my in-laws so I didn't view it right away," she recounted. "When I sat down to look, it was a video of his roommate performing oral sex on him. My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach."

She added, "Obviously, no one wants to see their parent like this and it was deeply disturbing.


Asking for help, Reddit users chimed in with recommendations on how to handle the awkward situation, commenting "One time I accidentally sent my older lesbian roommate a very very explicit text that was meant for my girlfriend. Accidents happen. It sucks that it did, but it really does sound like this was a mistake."

A mistake she won't soon forget.