Newsmax Host Says Being Gay is a Full-Time Job for Pete Buttigieg

Monday November 15, 2021

Is being gay a full-time job? Newsmax host Greg Kelly thinks so and accuses Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg of getting the cabinet post because he is gay. "Why does he even have a Cabinet job? Why would a small-town mayor ever be taken seriously when he runs for president?"

"Quite frankly, it has to do with his orientation, his sexual orientation," Kelly said. "They could not stop writing about this guy being gay."

"You saw it in the movie, that he's obviously participating in," Kelly said, referencing new documentary "Mayor Pete." "Being gay — I mean it's almost like a full-time job."

Kelly doubled-down with a tweet where he wrote: "PETE BUTTIGIEG has his Job because he's Gay. The POLITICAL PRESS fell 'in love' with him (esp Chris WALLACE) because he's gay. A mayor of NOWHERE CITY had no business Running for President-but the media LAVISHED attention on him because he's GAY. Sexuality should be IRRELEVANT!"

Twitter, of course, was quick to respond. Humorist and playwright Paul Rudnick wrote: 'A long-time bigot and accused sexual predator, Newsmax host Greg Kelly sneered that 'being gay' is Pete Buttigieg's 'full time job.' So now I know what to list under profession on my tax return, where Greg Kelly lists 'moron.' "

And others responded: