Now You Can Get Crafty with Tom Daley's Knit Kits

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Saturday March 12, 2022
Originally published on March 2, 2022

Out Olympic champ Tom Daley won the world over with his knitting; now the world can join in on the fun with his knit kits, which, UK newspaper the Daily Mail reported, come complete with patterns, wool, and needles.

"The Plymouth-born gold medal Olympian, 27, who was frequently seen by the poolside with needles in hand at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, has now brought his Made With Love sets to John Lewis," the Mail enthused, referencing a popular British lifestyle brand.

"Costing from £35 [about $46], they contain merino wool, needles, a knitting manual, a pattern and other essentials such as a darning needle," the Mail detailed.

Images of the Olympian knitting at last summer's Tokyo Olympics went viral, inspiring people around the world to give knitting a try, The Independent recalled.

Coming off of his victory in Tokyo, Daley "launched his own knitting label, Made With Love, toward the end of 2021," the newspaper noted.

"From cardigans and winter beanies to on-trend vests, scarves and cocooning blankets, the 15-piece collection is bold, colorful and quirky (think pink flamingos and bright blues)," The Independent went on to say.

"Organized into different levels of difficulty, the knitting kits cater to all abilities and the included merino yarn is sourced from non-mulesed sheep."

One pattern among those on offer that's drawn particular attention, Bustle pointed out, is the "Harry Styles" sweater.

"One particular knit" in the athlete's wares "that people may have their eye on takes inspiration from the now-infamous multi-colored knitted JW Anderson cardigan that Harry Styles wore last year whilst performing."

Bustle also theorized that more collections from Made With Love would be coming to John Lewis, but in the meantime, the company has its own site where knitters — whether veterans or neophytes — can shop and select the kits that appeal to them, with everything from sweaters (for dogs as well as their human companions) to hats, scarves, teapot and mug cozies, and headbands included in the various collections.

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