James Charles Shaves Head and Fans Aren't Buying It

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday February 13, 2021
Originally published on February 12, 2021

Social media influencer James Charles has shaved his head and some fans aren't buying it, People reports.

On Thursday, the beauty influencer posted a video to his Instagram Story debuting his shaved head. Charles also posted a series of photos. In one, his head was covered with red scribbles and captioned "wait until you guys see what I did with my hair..." Another photo showed Charles in a black sweater at a restaurant, the outfit drawing attention to his new bald look.

While Charles insisted that he had, in fact, shorn his locks — backed up by a YouTube video title "James Charles Goes BALD" by photographer Kevin Wong — some fans remain unconvinced.

"We love you, but we can tell it's a baldcap. you can tell makeup was applied at the head cause of the different color and matte finish," wrote one Twitter user, while another joked "I wore a bald cap for 24hours." To that extent, another user shared what appears to be a close-up of Charles wearing a bald cap.

A few other influencers commented on Charles' new look. Manny MUA tweeted, "when you facetimed me to show me... my gasp could be heard around the world."

Gottmilk, currently a contestant on "RuPaul's Drag Race," added, "James just joined the bald headed brigade."

Kevin Schattenkirk is an ethnomusicologist and pop music aficionado.