Is 'Pokémon Unite' Machamp Now a Leather Daddy?

Monday March 21, 2022

The Nintendo Switch game "Pokémon Unite" changed the skin for one of its characters and social media went wild with its response.

"The multiplayer online battle arena video game lets players choose a pokémon for a 10-minute team brawl against other users around the world," writes "Machamp, alongside dozens of others, has been a playable character since the game's release last summer but Nintendo just dropped a new skin for the muscle queen that has the gays in a frenzy."

While Nintendo calls the skin "Punk Style Machamp," it looks more like what a leather daddy would wear.

Many commented on Twitter:

"Not machamp heading out to the eagle... I'm...", writes big comfy cootch (@CootchieKun).

"Didn't have 'machamp is a leather gay' on my 2022 bingo card," adds Testament Pit Crew (@mrfeelswildride).

Another Twitter user, [email protected] thought Machamp looks like a dancer from "Magic Mike:" "@PokemonUnite

this machamp looks like a stripper"

Zach (@Zach_Attack91) wrote "Punk style machamp made me gay #pokemonunite."

Twitter use ERISS... (@EricoNicolas) posted an animated gif of "South Park's" Big Al saying "Jesus Christ."

Twitter user julian @ pkmn unite era (@ZlNADlA) wondered: "it's not pride month yet though why they got the gay man machamp skin"

While user Yoshi )@yoshi12370) asked, "Ok what gay designed this Machamp skin?"

Bobje (@bobdryn) commented: "They really adding the objectively best Lucario skin next to leather daddy Machamp"

And user Multch (@sleepymulch_666) agrees with the new skin: "Leather daddy machamp skin yes"