Watch: Clay Aiken Announces Another Run for Congress in North Carolina

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday January 10, 2022

"American Idol" Clay Aiken is giving politics another shot with his newest bid for Congress in North Carolina.

The singer-songwriter running as a Democrat for the second time after a defeat in the 2014 House race against Republican Renee Elmers. In a video posted to Twitter announcing his candidacy, Aiken attempted to relate to voters that now he is just like them.

But his voice is "even stronger now," he says.

"These days, my life looks a lot like yours than Justin Bieber's, that I can promise you," Aiken says in the video. "But one thing that's never changed for me is how much I love my home state."

North Carolina, Aiken added, is where he first discovered his voice. "The place that I discovered first that I have a voice and that it was a voice that could be used for more than singing?," he said.

Aiken has proclaimed that he wants to return civility back to politics, with some added inclusivity. According to his campaign site, Aiken plans to run on on inclusion, income equality, universal access to health care and fighting climate change.

"North Carolinians are worried about affordable health care and rapid inflation. They are worried about their retirement savings and are frustrated by crowded interstates and infrastructure that hasn't kept up with our rapid growth," Aiken's site reads. "These are the issues that matter, and these are the issues I will focus on in Congress."

See Aiken's congressional bid video below.