From Viral Hole Pics to @theCuddleBoys — 'The Other Two' Skews Queer Culture

Sunday October 3, 2021
Originally published on September 28, 2021

Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke on "The Other Two"
Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke on "The Other Two"  (Source:HBO Max)

"The Other Two," which completed its 10-episode second season this week, all but solidified its place as television's queerest show. Happily, the show was renewed for a third season on Monday, Sept. 27, reports Deadline.

A good deal of the season focused on Cary (Drew Tarver), one-half of the titular title with his sister Brooke, (Heléne Yorke). Cary is now officially out, had his first bf, and immersed himself in the queer Zeitgeist. For Tarver, the role hits close to home. "Like Cary, Tarver also self-identified as a struggling actor; he also knew what it felt like to come out as queer later in life," wrote GQ in an interview with the actor.

"So it felt very real," he told GQ. "I also really responded to [the fact that] it wasn't a coming out story about a queer character. It was more about a character who's already come out, but is dealing with the repercussions of coming out late, having some internalized homophobia still coursing through his veins, and trying to figure that out. Not only did it have these very funny big moments and super smart jokes, but it also had an emotional element that felt very real and that you could latch onto."

Here are some of Cary's best queer moments from the season:

Drew Tarver and Jimmy Fowlie in "The Other Two"
Drew Tarver and Jimmy Fowlie in "The Other Two"  

The Hole Seen Around the World

His latest deep dive into queer culture came with Episode 9, "Chase & Pat Are Killing It." Cary decides to share a pic of his butthole to someone on Grindr while flying to Los Angeles with sister Brooke (Heléne Yorke) to attend a fashion show for Chase, their celebrity brother who is starting his own fashion line. He takes the pic in the airline bathroom but somehow manages to reveal his identity in it, which leads to it going viral with some hilarious results for the embarrassed Cary. Also on the episode in a brief, funny cameo is Instagrammer Cameron (actor and YouTuber Jimmy Fowlie), who also appeared in an earlier episode.

Jimmy Fowlie and Constantine Rousouli in "The Other Two"
Jimmy Fowlie and Constantine Rousouli in "The Other Two"  

Keeping up with Cameron

On the show's first season, Cary was seeking a role in a Ryan Murphy series. The catch was that he needed 50,000 IG followers to even be considered. To boost his IG, he befriends the Instagays — a group of influencers. "Their names form a daisy chain: Dallas Drake, Drake Cameron, Cameron Colby, and Colby Dallas,reported Bustle.

Returning for a recurring role is Cameron (actor and YouTuber Jimmy Fowlie), who is now married and has a new social media identity with his husband called @thePropertyDaddies,"I decided to take my personal life in a new direction creatively, so now I'm married, I live upstate and I feel positive," he tells Cary. You have to come over and meet the other daddy!" He does with his new bf Jess (Gideon Glick), which led to a hilarious encounter.

But that wasn't it for Cameron. In the final episode he turns up as a go-go dancer at LA club, now divorced and dating some new guy ... called Aaron Schock.

Drew Tarver and Michael Campayno in "The Other Two"
Drew Tarver and Michael Campayno in "The Other Two"  

Cary Gets Queer-baited

On Episode 8, Cary is cast in a movie, called "Night Nurse," and suddenly finds himself being pursued on social media for dates. But one stands out — up-and-coming actor Dean Brennan (Michael Campayno), who is set to star as George Michael in a biopic and has been teasing fans about his sexuality.
But is he gay or just gay-baiting to get media attention? Cary learns the hard way when he dates Dean, and is surrounded by paparazzi at an outdoor cafe, who poses, then punctuates it with saying that he "doesn't comment on his sexuality." Is Cary being played by Dean in a case of "gay baiting?"

Drew Carver and Gideon Glick in "The Other Two"
Drew Carver and Gideon Glick in "The Other Two"  

Cary Breaks Up

After his encounter with @the Property Daddies, Cary has a revelation: he has yet to explore his gay identity. His relationship with Jess was tentative at best, having been willed into being by Pat Dubeck, who mentioned on her hugely popular chat show that her son was now in a relationship. But after Jess expresses he's in love with Cary and is looking for a committed relationship, which @the Property Daddies suggest could be @theCuddleBoys, he balks on a relationship. "I don't want to be a cuddle boy, like I, I want to be a sex boy, like I like sex," he tells Jess "I think I've just realized that I've only seen six dicks my whole life and three of them were straight. One of them is my own and one of them was so bad it shouldn't even count. I don't know," Cary goes on to say. "I feel like maybe I need to see more dicks before I settle down. We should not first see 50 dicks and then there'll be one dick that's like, that's the dick for me."

Noam Ash, Noah Galvin and Tuc Watkins on "The Other Two"
Noam Ash, Noah Galvin and Tuc Watkins on "The Other Two"  

Having Fun with Daddies

On the second episode of the season, there is one of those heart-tugging coming out moments seen on Pat's show in which a gay son reconciles with his homophobic dad and receives a check for $25,000 for doing so on national television. When Cary and Jess see the couple — Eddy (Noah Galvin) and Troy (Tuc Watkins) — at a restaurant, they decide to show them a gay couple as a positive role model. "He's from Kansas. He's probably never even met a gay person," Cary tells Jess. "We can show them we're not scary!"

What they don't know is that Eddy and Troy trolled Pat's producers and are actually a gay couple who invented the drama and posed as a father and son to win the money. When Cary and Jess meet up with them, they are hooking up with someone on Grindr. When their date shows up, Troy buys him off by having him pose as his other gay son who repeats the phrase, "I'm his son, I'm straight, and I'm from Kansas." The episode ends with hunky Troy planting a kiss on the confused and unsuspecting Cary.

Drew Carver and Adam David Thompson in "The Other Two"
Drew Carver and Adam David Thompson in "The Other Two"  

Chase Slams Homophobes

On the fifth episode, "Chase Gets Baptized," Chase is joining a celebrity church, ChristSong, an exclusive celebrity church similar to Hillsong Church, the congregation made famous by Justin Bieber. ChristSong is led by a shirtless hunk named Jax Dag (Adam David Thompson) and his congregation is filled with equally sexy members and powerful industry influencers. Cary decides to get baptized to get close to a movie producer, but he balks when he learns that the church has anti-gay and misogynistic views. When Chase learns of them, he condemns the church in a social media post that goes viral.

(Source: Brandon Scott Jones and Drew Carver in "The Other Two")

Cary's BFF Curtis

Throughout the show, Cary often visits his BFF Curtis (Brandon Scott Jones), who works at clothing store and sneaks Cary clothes to wear to his auditions. But on the show's seventh episode ("Chase Becomes Co-Owner of the Nets"), he gave a despondent Cary a pep talk after he loses a film job. "Things are happening for you," he assures him, saying how he would kill to have the opportunities that Cary has had, including being a host for gay video blogs. At the end of the season, Curtis has become the new host of Cary's video blog and reports on Cary's upcoming role in the once-canceled, but resurrected movie project "Night Nurse." Lingering beneath the surface is the unresolved romantic tension between the two — clearly Curtis is enamored of Cary, who is too self-involved to realize it.