Despite Warnings, Mexican Football Fans Again Disrupt Game with Homophobic Chants

Saturday September 18, 2021

The homophobic behavior by Mexican football fans continued dramatically this past Thursday night in the Concacaf Champions League semi-final second leg in Mexico City, which saw Cruz Azul fair against Monterrey, Pink News reports.

"At around the 64-minute mark in Azteca Stadium, the match was frozen as Cruz Azul fans began hurling homophobic insults from the stands."

Cruz Azul was well behind Monterry 4-1 when the chants began. Earlier in the game, they shouted the chant but were admonished by the referees.

"The supporters shouted the 'goalkeeper chant,' which typically Mexican fans chant 'ehhh...' as the opponent's goalkeeper lines up a goal kick until the kick is followed by a cry of 'p**o!" — anti-gay slang for a male sex worker," writes Pink News.

In a statement on Friday, Concacaf condemned the fans' behavior.

"Concacaf is extremely disappointed by the offensive and discriminatory language chanted by a large number of attending Cruz Azul fans during the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League Semifinal last night. We commend the referees for correctly activating the anti-discrimination protocol and the stadium security for ejecting hundreds of Cruz Azul fans when the match was paused.

"The Confederation has for several months proactively communicated to fans, through its What's Wrong Is Wrong campaign, that these types of behaviors have no place in football. The Mexican Football Federation and Liga MX have also made this clear through their extensive campaigns. We are all committed to eradicating the discriminatory "goalkeeper" chant."

"This campaign is a very important step in our efforts to eradicate the goalkeeper chant, and to make it absolutely clear that we oppose all forms of discrimination in football," said Concacaf President and FIFA Vice President Victor Montagliani.†

"Our aim is to educate and inform fans that even if their intention is not to offend, this chant does offend many people and has no place in the game. The Mexican Football Federation have themselves made it very clear that they want their fans to cease this chant and leave it in the past. We fully support that message and will work alongside them and other committed stakeholders, including FIFA, to further promote football at all levels as a sport that is open and inclusive to all,"†added Montagliani.