Watch: Troye Sivan Announces New 'Power Bottom Gay Ballad' with Jockstrap Thirst-Trap

Friday August 27, 2021

Out pop singer Troye Sivan took to social media Thursday night to announce he will be releasing new music net week.

The musician revealed that his third song of 2021 is called "Angel Baby" and will arrive on Sept. 10. When posting about the song, he wrote: "surprise gushy juicy doting adoring power b^tt^m gay ballad 'ANGEL BABY' out sept 10," adding an angel emoji.

Sivan's announcement came with a grainy thirst-trap, showing him shirtless wearing jeans and an exposed jockstrap.

Just before he announced the new song, Sivan teased a clip of it on TikTok. One vid finds the former YouTuber blasting "Angel Baby" on top of a roof while another shows him playing the song inside his home.

"Angel Baby" follows Sivan's previously released 2021 songs "Could Cry Just Thinking About You" and "You" featuring Regard and Tate McRae. Check out his recent tweets and TikToks below.