Watch: 'Sorry Boris.' British Healthcare Worker Quits Medicine for OnlyFans after 1% Raise

Sunday May 2, 2021
Originally published on April 17, 2021

A British healthcare worker left his six-year job as a medical assistant to pursue a full-time OnlyFans career, Pink News wrote this week. And did so in a TikTok post that threw shade at prime minister Boris Johnson, explaining that he was insulted with the one-percent raise offered by the National Health Service.


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James Cowe, 23, wrote: "I quit my healthcare assistant job for OF," with the words "Sorry boris" in larger text beneath it. "Hi everyone. I am a healthcare assistant and have been for the last six years," he explains in the video. "Since the one-percent pay rise I have started at OnlyFans and I am making more money in three days than I make in a month at work. Sorry guys, but I am done with health care and now I am an online whore."

For Cowe working in the medical industry is something of the family business — they own a private home for dementia care, and he has done so since he was a teenager. He went on to work at another facility that cared for advanced dementia and specialised in end of life care for the elderly.

"Working as a healthcare assistant in this industry is extremely rewarding at times but also comes with very high pressure and responsibility, he told Pink News. "I worked a total of six years in the healthcare industry and I found the workload to be increasingly demanding and exhausting for very little pay at the end of the month."

So he decided to explore another one of his passions — social media, which he studied at Bournemouth and Poole College and became an OnlyFans model. "Starting OnlyFans is by far one of the best decisions I have made in my career to date," Cowe told Pink News.

"Over the past year, I have spent hours building and creating content for my Instagram account and always liked the idea of becoming a full-time influencer."

"Charging $11.99 for a monthly subscription, Cowe said that he made more money in just three days on the platform than he once did in a month as a healthcare assistant," adds Pink News. And with nearly 7,000 OnlyFans followers her places amongst the top 0.7 percent of those posting content.

Visit his OnlyFans page at this link.

But Cowe added that he finds the adult social media world intimidating. "The influencer industry is extremely competitive and I originally struggled to find a way to market myself, knowing I was reaching a large audience, but unsure on what to sell this audience," Cowe admitted.

One reason he felt comfortable about his decision was seeing how others had successfully maneuvered the adult social media site to their career advantage. That plus the support from his family. "My family have been extremely supportive which I am grateful for, and they insist as long as I am happy that they are too."

Though it hasn't been without its darker side. "I have had mixed opinions from some of my followers and received some death threats," he said. "But I am able to cope with these as I am used to receiving these types of messages and feel I have grown a thick skin."