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Porn Hub Presents Complete Guide to Safe Sex After 65

Thursday Aug 10, 2017

An article on Porn Hub provides the soup to nuts guide (no pun intended), "Nina Hartely Presents Old School," a complete guide to safe sex after 65. The guide, which comes equipped with a sense of humor, illustrates safer sex methods for seniors, and urges those in retirement homes to spread the word, not STDs.

"If you've come this far it's because you know how to use the Internet and because, despite your age, you're still having sexual relations," reads the site. "Good for you. You're a role model for your peers and the envy of people half your age. But with great power comes great responsibility and that means always having safe sex. Because love knows no age and neither do STDs."

In bed, experience isn't all that matters, reads the site. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rates of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis have increased alarmingly in people over 65 in the past decade.

Plus, more than 50 percent of retirement community residents affirm to having an active sex life. If you do the math, that adds up to a lot of people having unprotected sex. But don't worry, preventing STDs is as easy as ABC.

Apart from the ones we mentioned in the video, these are other common STDs that you have to know: HPV, gonorrhea, chancroid, crabs, HIV, herpes, syphilis, scabies, chlamydia and hepatitis.

PG-65: Unfortunately, STDs aren't the only danger you face as a sexually active senior: At your age, even the act of making love can be high-risk extreme sport. That's why we're offering you these less-physically demanding alternatives to the "helicopter" or the "reverse pile driver" so you can still move those hips, but without worrying about breaking them.

The Chair: The man sits on a chair (choose a comfortable and resistant one) and the woman sits on top of him. She controls the movement by getting up and sitting down, while he can caress her clitoris. This position can be beneficial in cases of erectile dysfunction because the penetration is deep and allows the woman to mark short movements with little stimulation so the penis does not leave the vagina and the blood is kept inside the member.

L'Andromaque: The man is lying on his back and the woman is on top of him with her legs bent. The woman takes the initiative in the Andromache position, because she has freedom of movement that lets her intensify her pleasure by masturbating or by rubbing her clitoris against her partner's pubis. The man in turn has more control over his ejaculation as well as a fixed penetration angle.

The Spoon: This posture is perfect because you don't have to make any sudden movements (nor do you need to jump, twist or flex in any awkward positions), so everything is much easier. The woman lies comfortably on her side with her right leg slightly bent at the knee. The man's legs should run along the female's legs and his arm should be placed around her waist where it can easily access her vagina.

The Magic Mountain: Think of this position as a more comfortable version of an old favorite: doggie style. First off, you need to construct your mountain out of a pile of pillows (firm ones). The woman kneels in front of the pillows and leans forward over it. He kneels behind her, his legs on the outside and penetrates her. And that's how you make the mountain magic.

Rock N' Unroll It: And last but not least, we can't talk about safe sex without talking about condoms. Yes, the proverbial Jimmy hat, rubber, prophylactic or whatever you used to call them last time you used one.

Although latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms are the most proven method to prevent most STDs, according to a study by the AARP, only one in five seniors said they used them every time.

As a responsible adult, you have no excuse not to use them: they're cheap, easily available and simple to use. And in case you think condoms are just plain boring, take a look at all the wonderful options available these days!

So, spread the word, not STDs! If you are a senior citizen residing in an assisted living facility or retirement community or you work with the elderly in one of these institutions, fill out the form here to get your free copy of "Nina Hartley Presents Old School."

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