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Top 10 Mike Pence Spending 'A Little Time on My Knees Everyday' Tweets

Wednesday Oct 5, 2016

Anti-LGBT GOP Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence says he tries "to spend a little time on my knees everyday," and Twitter explodes.

Double entendre and innuendo were aplenty at Tuesday night's Vice Presidential debate when Gov. Mike Pence admonished his Democratic rival Sen. Tim Kaine, saying, "Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again," setting social media ablaze with jokes.

However, the Twitter storm turned into a Twitter tsunami when later in the debate in response to a question of faith, Pence said, "I try to spend a little time on my knees everyday." The irony of that comment in light of the Indiana Governor's horrific record on LGBT rights set social media ablaze with blowjob jokes.

EDGE did a quick search of "Pence" and "Knees" on Twitter. Here are our top ten.

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