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Ray Donovan - The Sixth Season

by JC Alvarez
Monday Apr 15, 2019
Ray Donovan - The Sixth Season

Liev Schreiber returns to his award-winning role as the world's most colorful and creative fixer in the Showtime Original Series "Ray Donovan: The Sixth Season," available now on DVD. Ray finds himself rescued from the East River in the two-part season opener and brought into a new fraternity by Staten Island cop Sean "Mac" McGrath (Domenick Lombardozzi from HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"); it's all well and good, until a reporter starts turning up leads and asking questions. Curiosity as they say, killed the cat.

All Ray wants is to start to get a grip on his life again, and that only gets a little more challenging when Sam Winslow (Susan Sarandon) turns up like a bad penny and promises to cover up Ray's tracks, but only if he promises to help her with Winslow's candidate for Mayor of New York, pulling Ray back into the thick of things. Meanwhile back in Hollywood, Ray's father Mickey (Jon Voight) is moving and shaking things up for himself as Daryl prepares to go to lens with movie about Mickey's life, even as Mickey battles for his life.

The Showtime Original Series continues to prove a ratings hit for the cable network, standing as one of primetime's most celebrated dramas with a winning cast. Season Six is poised to stand out as it takes an all-new direction and Schreiber continues to excel, expertly evolving his character and keeping up with the changing pace of things, "Ray Donovan" Season Six is perfectly situated for binge viewing. With a new city, new relationships to build, and new players stepping onto the field, it isn't long before the entire Staten Island police force is on the hunt for Donovan!

"Ray Donovan" excels at delivering interesting interplay and character drama; the material is complex, and reminiscent of the style that made HBO's "Sopranos" such a ratings hit and fan favorite, revolutionizing the way audiences watched television. This series succeeds by presenting a flawed character in Ray Donovan, who is no hero — and is constantly reactive, clear that his actions all have consequences, and those consequences come with a heavy price. It's a fine line Donovan walks, and, with a family like his, he walks alone.

The 4-disc set includes all 12 episodes and includes a pair of bonus special features that take a look at the production's move to the greatest city in the world as the series, and Ray's adventure, brings him to New York City. Showrunner David Hollander takes the audience on a deeper dive into how the move to a new city will have an emotional affect on Ray as he attempts to make a fresh start with new relationship, as the dynamic with his interfering family continues to play on. Season Six is taking a new direction and giving audiences an opportunity to jump in.

"Ray Donovan: The Sixth Season"

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