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DJs We Love :: Kidd Madonny Lights Up the DJ Booth

By Scott Holland | Sunday Aug 20, 2017
HotSpots Magazine sits down with CJ Kidd Madonny for this exclusive interview.

Patti LaBelle Dishes on Lip-Syncing 'Divettes,' Aretha Franklin Rivalry

By Chris Azzopardi | Saturday Aug 19, 2017
Is there a singer more real than Patti LaBelle? The 73-year-old legend of song (and shade) is a firehose of strong-minded opinions.

Q&A: Kendra Erika Talks Billboard Success

By Shane Gallagher | Saturday Aug 19, 2017
Kendra Erika is a South Florida native singer-songwriter. Trained in classical and jazz, she developed her Deep House party sound from hanging out in Miami clubs.

Six Reasons Gays Are a Higher Form of Evolution

By Mikey Rox | Saturday Aug 19, 2017
Personally, I believe I'm a higher form of evolution. Not just me, though, but all gay people. I look at our community as a whole and, well, we do just about everything better than those who are not inherently equipped to think above the status quo.

Gay Adoration: Why We're Crazy for Actress Zoe Kazan

By Chris Azzopardi | Saturday Aug 19, 2017
I dote on the 33-year-old film and theater actress - star of "Ruby Sparks," "Revolutionary Road" and HBO's "Olive Kitteridge" - like she's my best girlfriend.

Donald Trump: A Failure and a Fraud

By D'Anne Witkowski | Saturday Aug 19, 2017
Trump, who loves to be fawned over, is more than happy to sacrifice trans troops if it means that the religious right will stick by him and his total failure of a presidency.

5 Signs You're Really Out of Shape

By Tom Bonanti | Wednesday Aug 16, 2017
Are you one of those people who lives a busy life - too busy to take time for exercise? Do you put off going to the gym, taking the stairs, or even walking the dog because you're too tired?

Q&A: Sasha Sommers Lights Up the World

By Scott Holland | Sunday Aug 13, 2017
Dog performer Sasha Sommers gives the skinny (and the glittery) in this exclusive interview.

Four Classic Back Sculpting Exercises

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Aug 13, 2017
Here are my four top weight training exercises for sculpting that classic V-shaped back.

Anjelah Johnson Talks 'The BFF Tour,' Bon Qui Qui

By Scott Holland | Saturday Aug 12, 2017
Comedians and late-night jokesters Jo Koy and Anjelah Johnson will bring "The BFF Tour" to Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla. on Saturday, Aug. 26.

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