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Muscle is as muscle does

By Erin Blackwell | Monday Jun 18, 2018
"Man Made" is a slick, upbeat documentary about bodybuilders transitioning or transitioned to male,

BREAKING: Lesbian East Bay Assembly candidate headed to fall ballot

By Matthew S. Bajko | Thursday Jun 14, 2018
Lesbian Richmond City Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles is now expected to compete in November for the open 15th Assembly District seat, which stretches from Richmond south into parts of Oakland.

Foot fetishists, rejoice!

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
Marilyn Monroe once cooed, "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." She may have had the right shoes, but alas not a pair of Manolos, since she died before he appeared on the scene.

Preaching to the converted

By Jim Gladstone | Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
Following the inspirational lead of Jeff Sessions - who bears a striking resemblance to Leslie Jordan - I feel a duty to recuse myself from future reviews of the Del Shores oeuvre.

Playlist for Pride & beyond

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
A less-than-subtle branding project by MGM Resorts, Universal Love: Wedding Songs Reimagined (Sony) is a six-song EP on which queer and queer allies flip the script on popular tunes, making them about same gender love, intact pronouns and all.

Heartwarming drama with lesbian love

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
One of the most delightful aspects of "Hearts Beat Loud," a sweet, heartwarming drama opening in theaters on June 15, is the casual nature with which the screenplay deals with the lesbianism of the story's female lead.

Finnish conductor proves her mastery

By Philip Campbell | Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
Finnish conductor Susanna Malkki returned to Davies Symphony Hall last week to lead the San Francisco Symphony in an exciting program featuring Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major with violinist Nikolaj Znaider, and the first SFS performances of comp

Kidnapping Andrea Riseborough

By Erin Blackwell | Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
Andrea Riseborough is a marvelous actress. She's one of those chameleons who can be anybody, given the right makeup, costume, and script.

Monsters & Gods: Circe's story

By Tavo Amador | Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
Second novels are tough, especially when the author's debut was highly acclaimed. This was the challenge facing Madeline Miller, whose "Song of Achilles" (2012) was a superb retelling of the legendary Greek hero's homoerotic love affair with Patrocles.

Blake family values

By Jim Gladstone | Wednesday Jun 13, 2018
Stephen Karam carves deep into the dark meat of middle-class America in "The Humans," his Tony Award-winning hybrid of kitchen-sink drama and dream-logic creep show.

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