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Will Harvey Fierstein Play Ursula in a Live Action 'Little Mermaid' Movie?

Tuesday Mar 21, 2017

One Million Moms will want to sit down for this one.

High on the success of the box office-shattering opening weekend for "Beauty and the Beast," composer Alan Menken appears to have his eyes set on casting a next live action version of his first Disney classic, "The Little Mermaid."

"I've wanted Harvey," Menken told Gay Times. "I've wanted Harvey Fierstein to play Ursula. I would kill for that!"

The move to cast Fierstein would be quite literally a divine inspiration. It has long been speculated that Ursula has her roots in drag. Disney animators involved in the 1989 feature film were drawn to John Waters film star Divine's severe mohawk and overdrawn eye makeup. Fierstein, who is no stranger to drag roles, won a Tony Award playing Edna Turnblad, a role originated by Divine in the musical "Hairspray."

As for Fierstein, upon reading about Menken's wish to have him play Ursula, he took to social media,

"Oh, Alan, no need to kill anyone," Fierstein wrote on Facebook. "Your wish is my command. As for the rest of you... Oh, you poor unfortunate souls!!!!"

But, how will the religious right, who freaked out over the gay Le Fou in "Beauty and the Beast," react to LGBT playwright/actor/activist Harvey Fierstein as villian Ursula, the sea witch? Time will only tell.


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